Total fines by bank

Total fines by type

Breakdown of fines by type

Name U.S. Mortgages UK customer redress Sanctions/AML FX Libor/int rates Tax avoidance London Whale Other US litigation

Notes: The total includes payouts by banks of over $100 million since 2008, as at May 21, 2015.
U.S. Mortgages based on estimates by KBW analysts and includes settlements with U.S. authorities and private parties for mortgage fraud, foreclosure malpractice, discrimination and other matters.
Other U.S. litigation based on estimates by KBW analysts and includes settlements related to misleading investors, illegal overdraft or credit card fees, energy market manipulation, securities lending and debt collection malpractice.
Libor includes settlements on all interest rate products, including Libor, Euribor and ISDAfix.
UK customer redress includes banks’ provisions for payment protection insurance and interest rate hedging compensation.
Sanctions includes violations of U.S. sanctions and anti
money laundering rules.
Sources: filings by regulators and other government authorities, data from banks, and estimates of US litigation costs by analysts at KBW.